Meet The Team


Siobhan Keppler - Founder, Head Boxing Coach & K1 Coach

Siobhan has been involved in contact sports since a child including karate, kickboxing, k1 and of course boxing and has now been teaching for more than 10 years.
Siobhan has competed in kickboxing, white collar and amateur boxing and continues as an active carded boxer under England Boxing. She can relate to the physical and mental challenges faced as an active boxer.
“In 2019, after several years of training, competing, and teaching boxing, I decided it was time to open a full-time boxing gym where my aim is to welcome children and adults, both men and women of all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Making boxing accessible for all, whether for competitive, health or social reasons. I’ve seen the huge positive difference boxing training can make to a person’s mental health on so many occasions and I am passionate about sharing that opportunity with as many people as possible”.


Connor O'Brien

Boxing Coach & K1 Coach


Boz Saullhunt

Boxing Coach & K1 Coach


Ted Quinlan

Assistant Boxing Coach

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