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Starts 29th April 2024


  • Exclusive Female Fight Club 6-Week Challenge.

  • Step into our female-only environment and embark on a journey to become fighting fit in just eight weeks.

  • With expert coaching and support, you'll learn the art of boxing while sculpting your physique and boosting your confidence.

  • Cap it off with a thrilling gym bout against a competitor matched to your size and ability.

It's time to unleash your inner warrior and embrace the challenge. Are you ready to fight for your fitness goals? Sign up to our Female Fight Club today.

Best Value




Join us at The HIIT BX in Bexhill, for our exclusive Female Fight Club 6-Week Challenge.

Valid until canceled

Exclusive Group Sessions Monday & Saturday

Expert Coaching Led by Graham Towse & Siobhan Keppler

Showcase Your Skills in a Gym Bout After 6 Weeks

Dedicated Group for Hints & Tips

Personalised Vest

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