Service Description

An opportunity for our young boxers to be recognised for their progress. Children will be assessed on their technical ability and understanding of the next grade in our boxing syllabus. Depending on whether your child has previously completed a grading, they will either be assessed on grade 1, 2, 3 or 4. A copy of the grading syllabus is available from the gym. Each child who successfully passes will receive a trophy and certificate in recognition of their achievement. No child is guaranteed a pass, however if we do not think your child is ready or likely to pass, we will advise and refund your payment. For this grading, all children will attend at 11.00am. Grade one will finish and need to be collected from the gym at 11.30am, grade 2 at 11.45pm, grade 3 at 12.00pm and grade 4 at 12.30pm. Results and awards will be presented the following Wednesday.

Upcoming Classes